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Lauterbach, Borschow & Co. provides business accounting and tax services to the food service industry in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Our clients range from stand-alone restaurants to complex, multi-site operations. With our expertise in the food service industry, our clients can improve internal controls, plan for growth, save taxes, and grow profitability.

If you own a food service business, contact our accounting firm to learn how we can help you succeed.

Full-Service Restaurant Accounting in El Paso

We are committed to working with entrepreneurs and helping them enjoy the benefits of streamlined operations and financial organization. Our skilled accountants have happily worked with family and closely-held businesses, as well as franchises and partner groups. While running a restaurant, or any other kind of foodservice operation can be complicated, you can trust our specialized financial professionals for assistance with all of the following:

  • Income Tax Planning and Compliance
  • State and Local Tax Planning and Compliance
  • Cash flow planning
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Product Cost/Overhead Absorption Analysis
  • Valuation Services

Supporting profitability and growth in your unique enterprise requires careful consideration of overhead, operating costs, and food expenses. We review current bookkeeping and inventory processes to increase efficiency and clarity of accounts. This is vital to strategizing for reduced tax liability. Our primary contacts for restaurant accounting, Matthew C. Kerr and William S. Johns, help clients plan for asset acquisition and depreciation, as well as financial documentation – all of which contribute to tax savings.

Accounting for Franchises and Multi-Site Restaurant Chains

Financial departments and back-office operations become increasingly more complicated when your business operates multiple locations or is part of a franchise establishment. Careful consideration of market saturation in each area and implementing uniform accounting processes at each location is crucial for business success.

Ask our El Paso restaurant accountants how we can create improved internal controls for each of your businesses, so your chain of restaurants operates through a single, efficient system. We also create an optimal tax strategy, taking into account assets, loans, and cash flow for each brick and mortar store or stand-alone entity.

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It pays to work with an accounting professional who understands the unique challenges of your specific business and industry. At Lauterbach, Borschow & Co., we offer the largest collection of financial know-how and accounting skill in the El Paso area, including accountants experienced in serving the restaurant industry.

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