Self-employed? Here’s how to pick between a SEP IRA and Solo 401(k) for your retirement

Explore two popular retirement plans, SEP IRA and Solo 401(k), for the self-employed in this overview, focusing on their benefits, drawbacks, and the strategic considerations for choosing between them. Learn about higher contribution limits, flexibility, and tax advantages these plans offer. Get insight into which plan best fits your retirement goals and business structure.

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Early retirement withdrawals: avoiding the 10% penalty

Uncover potential circumstances under which you can tap into your retirement savings early without facing hefty penalties. From qualifying plan specifics to the latest updates in IRA rules, this article is your go-to resource for penalty-free withdrawal strategies.

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Navigating the new DOL guidance on worker classification

The U.S. Department of Labor’s new rule reinstates the “economic reality test” for distinguishing employees from independent contractors and underscores the significant legal and financial consequences of misclassification. This article provides an overview of the rule, its implications, and the steps employers must take to ensure their worker classifications are under the updated guidelines.

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